Thursday, July 18, 2013

First Hair Cut

After Rilynn's first birthday I couldn't take the mullet anymore, so she got a hair cut. I had to fight a bunch of naysayers, but I did it and I don't regret it. I love my cute girl and her baby bob.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Boise Tennis

In June we went to Boise because Dave's tennis team made it to regionals. It was really fun to watch them because he gets to play doubles with his mom. They play so well together and I think it's awesome they get to share their hobby together. Rilynn loves to spot dad while he is playing. I think we have a future tennis player. 

Rilynns first time with piggy tails and it was killing me. She is getting so big

We spent the evening one night with some great friends Athena and Taylor. We went to dinner and then walked around downtown. We thought Rilynn would like the splash pad but she was terrified.

I can't stand how cute she is sometimes

On our way home my parents needed to run to Twin Falls so we stopped there to eat and have a little break. After dinner we took a drive to the shoshone falls.

Even Abby got to come

Such a fun trip we love Boise!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Our Colorado Graduate

In May we went to Greeley, Colorado to attend Valerie's graduation. We were very excited to makes this trip because the wedding was the only other time we were able to see them. I've never taken such a long road trip neither has Rilynn, but we were truly blessed because she was an angel. She either slept or watched mickey mouse. We wish the trip could have been longer but we made the best of the short trip. 

The boys had a fun swing on the deck that Rilynn liked to play in 

Jacob and Brayden love Rilynn and ask about her all the time. They were very excited to have her visit.  Jacob giving her sweet kisses.

It was great to be able to be there for Val for this momentous occasion. She graduated with her Masters degree in Special Education. I'm not sure how she accomplished this being a single mom of two boys, she is amazing. 

We got to attend one of Brayden's Soccer games and it was pretty hilarious. They all had fun and thats what counts right!

One of the highlights was going to the Denver Zoo. Rilynn wasn't the happiest but we finally got to feel some warmth and sunshine. 

I love seeing the bond these two have

Riding the train

Rilynn loved her auntie we wish they got to play more often

The Elephants!

Rilynn got spoiled with so much attention from Grandma and Grandpa

Ignore my blurry child and check out this animal. It's called Kirks Dik Dik. Native to africa it looks like a deer but it's the size of a small dog. So cute I didn't know something like that existed. 

 Even with greasy sunscreen hair I couldn't help but stare in amazement at this beauty. I can't believe she is mine. 
 We were so disappointed at the end of our trip because we failed at the wedding to take a picture of the grandparents with the grandkids and we forgot this trip too, so it came down to a picture in pjs. We are so lucky to be surrounded by amazing family. We hope we get to see our cousins soon!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Baby turned ONE

I can't believe little miss Rilynn turned one. She had a secret garden party and looked like a princess. The weather didn't exactly cooperate with us but we made the best of it. Thank you everyone that came. Rilynn is lucky to have so many cute little friends. She loved opening all her gifts and was so excited about the new toys.

I love this girl so much and it makes me happy to be her mom. I love hearing all her jabbers and receiving all the slobbery kisses. I feel like it doesn't get any better and than it does. I think this is going to be a great year with lots of memories.

I loved this cute picture of her and Paxton

We asked Rilynn "Do you love it" so she kissed it. I think she loved it!

For Rilynn's birthday I made her a book of all the journals I did while I was pregnant and for her first year. This was my end product idea and it's nice that after 9 months and one year of doing the journals even when it wasn't convenient it resulted in a cute book that hopefully she will enjoy one day.